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Robert MacNichol (a threat to sue Gamerevolution.com)


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Robert MacNichol hereby certified by me to be one of the worlds biggest Internet Douchebags has decided that because Gamerevolution.com printed his name on their website, he is going to sue (it won't happen, he's obviously full of shit).

Now get this, the name in question is a character in the Blair Witch 2 computer game, named Robert MacNichol. The name comes from a solution to the above game published on the site.

Now either this is some cunning publicity stunt by the site mentioned (as it seems to have spread a little on the net) or as I suspect the person really is a douche.

Read his ramblings and idle childish threats here:

Seems a real person:

I look forward to him threatening to sue me for this post which I shall reply to with a hearty laugh at his general direction :p
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This is amazing. This guy might actually dethrone Derek Smart and become the biggest douchebag on the Internet.


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Allnatural said:
You'd think he'd be after the developers.

You would, except he's probably just trying to find someone to sue; not that his name's copyrighted so he obviously won't win. XP

Wasn't Derek Smart the guy who tried to sue MAME? Or was that someone else?


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Vile324 said:
Wasn't Derek Smart the guy who tried to sue MAME? Or was that someone else?
That was Dave Foley, and he wasn't trying to sue MAME (not immediately anyway), just trademark the name. Derek Smart must be this guy.