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Renegade64 / Action Replay

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Bit of unusual content for once :p

I've been a little naughty child and have taken a liking to naughty little cheating devices :evil: for the purpose of gathering unessesary sprites to use for other means *evil laugh*

My searching has brought me upon Renegade64 which people may or may not of heard of. But basically for the purpose of this thread topic, it does allow u use Datel's Action Replay codes on No$GBA (provided you know how).

And although tis all cool I can do that, due to the lack of Tile Viewing assistance *cries pathetically* I can't really get where I wanna :p

Been looking at the config file to add either DeSmuME or iDeaS to the emulator list (as I wasn't much fond of the Sav file converting crap I tried before hand), just I am not the most brilliant at reading RAM :p

SO hopefully someone with such talent could point me in the right direction...

now the config file uses the following format :p

EmulatorName|EmulatorEXEname|StartofRAM|PointerToStartOfRAM|RAMSize(max 50MB)|Endian 0-3 (N64=0, most others are 3)|
for No$GBA it is set out like this :p
No$GBA v2.4a (DS)|no$gba|0|4664B8|400000|3|
am not sure what the pointertostartofram or ramsize are but i have been able to make Renegade64 recognise the program to some degree, just not doing much *cries*

any ideas?

i'll post the whole config file anyways :p

;EmulatorName|EmulatorEXEname|StartofRAM|PointerToStartOfRAM|RAMSize(max 50MB)|Endian 0-3 (N64=0, most others are 3)|
No$GBA v2.4a - GBA WRAM (0200-)|no$gba|0|9D5620|40000|3|
No$GBA v2.4a - GBA IRAM (0300-)|no$gba|0|9D5624|8000|3|
No$GBA v2.4a (DS)|no$gba|0|4664B8|400000|3|
1964 0.9.9 (4MB)|1964|20000000|0|400000|0|
1964 0.9.9 (8MB)|1964|20000000|0|800000|0|
Mupen 64 0.5.1 (4MB)|mupen|8DCC00|0|400000|0|
Mupen 64 0.5.1 (8MB)|mupen|8DCC00|0|800000|0|
Nemu 0.8 (4MB)|nemu|10020000|0|400000|0|
Nemu 0.8 (8MB)|nemu|10020000|0|800000|0|
Project64 1.6 (4MB)|project64|3AD70000|0|400000|0|
Project64 1.6 (8MB)|project64|3AD70000|0|800000|0|
pSX v1.9|psxfin|1B90020|0|200000|3|
pSX v1.11|psxfin|1FD0020|0|200000|3|
SSSPSX v0.0.33|ssspsx|40000000|0|200000|3|
PCSX v1.5 with debugger|pcsx|A30020|0|200000|3|
NeoPop 0.71 Win32 1.06b|neopop-win32|486260|0|20000|3|