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Remote, his brother and a moose


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<Remote64> my brother meet at moose on our driveway a couple of years ago drunk
* Cyberman| has no idea and probably shouldn't either.
<Remote64> he woke up saying "i meet the biggest black guy ever last night" :p
<Martin64> o_O
<Remote64> in the lines of the guy in the green mile or something
<Martin64> :p
<Remote64> then later the same day our neighbours told us it was a moose:p
<Martin64> he did know it was a moose though right?
<Martin64> :D
<Remote64> i don't think so, way too drunk
<Martin64> lol
<Remote64> according to our neighbours he talked to it for 10 m or something
<Martin64> rofl
<[vEX]> Haha
<Martin64> i wonder what the moose had to say to keep the conversation going for 10 minutes :p
<Martin64> maybe the moose thought your brother was the smallest moose it had ever met
<Remote64> i bet my brother thought the moose was going to put out :p
<Martin64> knowing you, yes i think so too :p
<Remote64> your telling me your brother never tried to pick up animals? :p
<[vEX]> No, marty always beat him to it
-Remote64- coming from the guy who picks up hedgehogs :p
<Cyberman|> So.. what was your brother saying to the Moose? and did the moose respond?
<Martin64> :p
<Remote64> my brother thought it was a huge black guy :p
<Remote64> and when he sad that i stopped asking :p
<Martin64> :D