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Ok, I want to make this thread because I thought about it, related to the latest events that are kinda taking my motivation down.

the latest thread in here, about other mods being made for other games/engines that are "better" than what I do.

I mean, some people are always thinking "looking better, more effects, better quality = always better, WRONG. There's a way to make a game to be the best. It's the feeling of it. ok, more graphical quality, yeah, looks more realistic, but doesn't always make a game fun to play. I'm stuck with Perfect Dark, THE original one on N64.

I ALWAYS liked it, had TONS of fun with it and ALWAYS enjoyed it. It was THE FPS that had more fun to play than ANY other one, including UT itself. I never played so often any other game than this one.

PD/GE mods for HL2. I know people are saying "OMG! that's awesome! it beats everything! all the other mods are crap!" thx to all those thinking that. I really appreciate it.

I mean, it's nice to update a game making it look sweeter but... there's a limit, I mean, those guys are making a good job, I don't deny it but, maybe a "too good" one.

They kinda get away of the real game, some seems to only base themself on the "layout" of the map or look of the weapons/characters/items to make completly new ones out of these, completly getting away from the original. totally new textures that aren't looking like the original at all. modifying the design or the rooms, making some people hard to recognize the level itself, apart from it's layout. Example, the felicity for the PD HL2 mod, I mean, it took me like 15 mins to see what part of the facility it was from the first shot I saw in their news. it looks nice... but it doesn't look like the felicity at all apart from the layout. it's more like a felicity-alike thing. personnaly, I don't like it for those reasons.

PDZero. I mean, yeah, it does look nice, nice graphics but... I don't sence the same feeling in those shots/videos as I had in the good old N64 one. Joanna still doesn't look like she was in PD, stuff around makes me think of a totally new game, using names from another one. You might thing "you're someone that doesn't like new stuff, that's doesn't like technology or realistic games" , wrong, I like realistic games, I'm amazed by seeing all the games getting so close to real stuff. But , I don't like the fact of people wanting to "destroy" (I don't mean it in a bad way) good old classic games into "uber high quality realistic" games that doesn't look/feel like how it was.

I know it's a long text to read, I know I might repeat myself some times and sorry about it but I had to say it all.

Now, I want to say that, whatever what new stuff will come out, whatever what people like mentionned above will say, I will simply CONTINUE doing as I'm right now, I know I didn't do much lately and I'm sorry.... reason : World of Warcraft.

I will still make and release Perfect Dark maps as they originaly appear in the real game.

I would REALLY want to make some updated maps, make them look realistic but... without destroying it but I have a lack ot people wanting to work hard making the original textures to look realistic but close to the original style, design, colors... to any people that would like to use some of their time to really do that, it would be the best gift you could make to all the people out there that still keep the real feeling of a game.

Last things I would like to say/ask are

- I would like to know your REAL opinion over what I do and all that I said above

- I would like to know know WHO really supports me, I received emails from some people and I really appreciate them, those people are those making me to continue :

Vidar W. aka Radiv/Vidi said:
Could you try to make the whole Carrington Institute (both the stuff
where you can walk around in the start, and the underground levels from
the mission)? The whole Perfect Dark theme rocks, and that institute
would be awsome in multiplayer.

ugmo_joe said:
ive been checking out your perfect dark mod for UT2004 at i think you've
done an amzing job so far. to see PD reborn onto a more recent first
person shooter engine is awesome.

lechacal88@****** said:
hello guy i was very happy when i 've played on the perfect dark map now i want again a N64 but if you could do the same thing for others maps it could be very good as grid (perfect) cavren multi(golden) and many others because .......... the old and good games are a good source for maps so could you tell me if you've this projet coming soon and GOOD WORK and if you could take the weapons it could be fun. Bye a great fan who respect your work.

Pip(DARKHALO2K) said:
Firstly, congratulations on your Prefect Dark map releases so far, and thank you for them to. They really are fantastic conversions (I never even used to like "Skedar" on PD, but your version is perfectly scaled for some UT fun)!

Some are a bit old but I don't care, I would like to say a big thank you to those.

thx too for taking the time to read, reply and understand me.

and at last, I might release Grid tonight since it's done since a while, only the pickups, the sounds and music left. I didn't work on it due to those events. Stay tuned!


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Heck, I say screw the UT2004 engine and go back to the original UT. :p

I, kid. I kid....

But seriously, I'd much rather have the original PD over an updated one. I mean, I'm sure it's hard enough just making the levels look and feel like the originals not to mention the myraid of effects from PD you'll have to somehow implement in Uscript. :/

Anyway, don't listen to them about HL2 or anything! (I couldn't play it otherwise!) ;)


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I'm not working for money so, keep it for u ;)

btw, I updated the site news if you didn't see yet...