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Random confusing slowdown


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For a while now I've had a really unusual problem with PJ64. Usually after switching roms I get plagued with absolutely horrific slowdown in a few games or the performance is dropped enough to notice with the others upon switching to fullscreen mode. The irritating part is that I have no control on when it happens; its completely random although it usually happens when changing the rom to play. When it happens, I have no choice to reboot and hope that it works the next time. No amount of closing / re opening has worked in fixing the problem.

This happens after switching from the windowed mode which runs flawlessly (1280x960x32 @ 60hz) to fullscreen which is just 1280x1024. In some games like F-Zero X the game drops from a nice 60fps with all graphics settings turned up to just 10-15fps. The really confusing part is when I switch back to windowed mode it brings the crippling slowdown with it! Other affected parts include the points board after a race in Wave Race which drops to about 30fps and with other games it usually drops a few frames here and there.

My PC specs are

Pentium D 3.0Ghz
Radeon 9550 256MB 450Mhz/240Mhz
2GB Ram
PJ64 V1.6

The only 'normal' slowdown I've gotten before was at the gun barrel sequence at the beginning of goldeneye. Suprisingly enough, the rest of the game runs at a stable 60fps.

I'm at my wits end...Any ideas?

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