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Question regarding CP/M and 8080


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I have been doing some emulation projects and I have decided to move on to trying to emulate the 8080, however I am unsure of where I should look for progams to test my emulator with. I have been interested in CP/M and have managed to download a copy of CP/M from the unofficial CP/M website but the zip file contains a lot of files that I dont really understand the purpose of.
My question is, which one of these files is the one that I have to load into memory in my emulator in order to run CP/M? My guess is that it would be "1CPM63.COM" or "2CPM63.COM" but I am unsure.

Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but I am stuck on it.


It's not a dumb question it's just an interesting question.
First CPM has to have a boot loaded to load it in.
.COM files are executables. I suspect SBOOT32 might be your boot loader FORMAT CPM COPY DDT DISKTEST ED etc are likely command like programs.
CPM worked on 8080 and Z80 likely better on the Z80 (Zilog is finally dead after flailing for the last 8 years).
You probably should read the SBOOT32.ASM file to figure out what it is the SBOOT.HEX file is likely an INTEL hex file I noticed several hex and asm files there.
SYSGEN likely places a boot record on a 'floppy' or hard disk.
I suggest you first emulate the 8080 (or Z80) and then create some virtualized hardware. There should be hardware specs on the web for CPM systems as they used some off the shelf controllers and such with fairly simple hardware.
I don't recommend doing dynamic recompilation just yet of the code (yowzas).