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PuruPuru doesn't appear in plugins


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1.04, r150. I've tried replacing the PuruPuru_Win32.dll with multiple different iterations of the plugin from throughout the years, but it just doesn't show up in the plugins list when I try to select it under Maple. The odd thing is, both an install copied from another computer (which had a working plugin) as well as a new download give me the same issue. No other plugin works for my controllers, and every other emulator I use recognizes them just fine.

Any help would be appreciated!


The old install gives me an error saying it is unable to locate the plugin. If I hit esc, it takes me to the plugins list. At this point, Purupuru isn't selected anywhere, so I hit OK, but it tells me there's a fatal error and crashes. The new install, on the other hand, merely won't recognize anything related to the plugin. Hope that helps
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