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Problems in XP.


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Several games, all with [!], the skins(?) don't appear to be displaying in the game. I mean some graphics aren't being displayed. These are games that in other computers run with no problems like Zelda 64, Zelda 64 2.....ect. have tried 2 nvidia graphics cards TNT2 Model 64 and GeForce2 MX with newest drivers and still no change. According to the Microsofts Directx web site XP already came with the newest Directx installed (Athough I don't see it). My processor is a pentium 4 1.7 GHz. So what am I missing here? Is Pj64 actually fully compatible with windows XP or is there some hidden option that is not enabled in my XP?

P.S. I do not have Direct3D Settings OpenGL settings Desktop utilities in Display properties > Settings > Advanced > [Card Name] > Additional Properties > I only have Overlay controls (This is with both cards) is that normal.


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you aren't very clear.
what exactly is the problem
make sure you have 21.83 or 15.20 that comes w/ windows xp


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looks like uve screwed around with the druvers or something. basically all the options and stuff concerning ur display adapter should appear like win98. i get no graphical errors. only fullscreen takes longer, thats it. wat drivers hav u got installed.


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Looks like the problem was with the way the manufacturer set up my system :blush: . Every thing is working fine now. PJ64 is a great program I hope every thing goes well with you guys. Best wishes!:D