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Post any Questions or Problems with iDeaS here!!

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Note: Cyberman, can you make this a sticky so everyone will find it??

This is or will be a General FAQ and How To Thread specifically directed at all those people who by some unnatural reason cannot work out how to use iDeaS. I will also add other things (like how to take Screenshots and Video Capture). If you have any silly questions or problems, post them here instead of filling up the iDeaS forum with what might be one reply answers. There are plenty of smart people around who I am sure can help those in need, but check this post in case I add any updates to it.
iDeaS User Interface & Controls for Dummies
iDeaS is a Nintendo DS Emulator orginally designed for Windows but is also partially compatibile with Linux.

Basic Game Controls:
Example - (Orginal Nintendo DS Key - Default iDeaS Key)

START - Enter
A - Z
B - A
L - ??? (can't find it)
R - S
X - Q
Y - W
D-Pad (UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT) - Arrow Keys
Touchscreen - Mouse Left-Click Button

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More to come...



No..it is still in the early development. Be patient for the next release or so. If you want it...buy NDS and give nintendo a support.

You should know better more than that. *GRIN*
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Stickied, and I've been busy too. Go figure :D

Ahh well. With 300 + NDS games it could take a while to test all those on 1.0.8. Have fun, this reminds me of trying to get Koudelka working with ePSXe :D


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dud i'm 10 years old what do u expect me to do?
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okay, I got a problem.
for sometime I have been wanting to use a nds emulator, but I always seem to fail. I am using the newest version of ideas to play SM64 DS. When I run it it goes about 15-25 fps which im okay with, but when it passes the nintendo screen and starts to go into another part it crashes out of nowhere. >(
It is extremely frustrating cuz I thought that finally I could play an NDS game but then it just crashes when it goes into another screen. What am I doing wrong? (thanks for the help) =)


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unfix it than ^^, only game left i kinda even wanna play are nice rpg's like the one i posted in homebrwe roms post :p, and still want golden sun 3 :(

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I don't think unfixing the fix is a very good idea, I mean it would be like taking several steps back down that ladder you are always trying to make your way to the top of. You don't go backwards in the process of improving upon something or that would be just plain stupid...I suppose that is why Evrain is regretting it so much (do you get it?).