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she is able to put on organic cosmetics, don organic cotton duds (that have been dry cleaned, of course) and have a breakfast of organic cereal topped with organic fruit.

But Before she does some of that, she can climb out of a mattress with a mattress assembled by hand using only organic substances, thanks to Custom Rush Bedding Inc..

Yes, Demand for all things organic has grown such that even makers have become it.

"Four Years ago, it actually took off," said Scott Carwyle, co owner of Custom Rush of South El Monte. "Then we had 40 clients, and now we've got over 400."

Although Organic and natural mattresses are a growing segment, there are only Valley Village, and a handful of producers in the world, including Custom Rest, that does business as Vivetique Sleep Systems.

"It's Still a niche market," said Nancy Shark of the International Sleep Products Association.

Clients Who want an organic mattress are attracted to the fact that natural materials do not give off gases and gases . Critics point out that natural materials can trap allergens and dampness.

However, Organic mattress clients want a hand crafted mattress one that makes them feel comfortable and healthier, of quality.

Said Shark:"If you do not get enough sleep, you won't have sufficient power to get up and save the planet."

Hand Made, buck mattresses are also meant by high quality mattresses. Mattresses that are most mass made market in the hundreds of dollars, however Vivetique mattresses begin at $ 2,400 and operate around $ 9,000.

Carwyle Stated that since the company went all natural, it enabled him and his twin brother to stay focused on their first mission making mattresses by hand. Every mattress is custom made for your client and can last 20 decades. You want to purchase a futon mattress, but do you know how much does a futon mattress cost ?

It Would be quite difficult for any modest operator to compete seam to seam with a mattress maker.

In The $6.4 billion mattress business, there are a few giants such as Scaly Corp. or even Serta International. Scaly has $1.5 billion of the market, or roughly one fourth. Sales in the industry are booming, increasing about 10 percent annually.

Early start

The The business was taken over by brothers which their father, Jerry, had started in Temple City in 1976 from the family garage.

"We Had a tape border, a sewing machine and some tools," said Scott Carwyle, who currently handles the sales aspect of their company while his quieter brother oversees production. Their father hand sew mattresses were helped by the twins after he lost his job at a box spring manufacturer.

The Business made enough cash to open a centre and at the 1980s, the family bought out a company that opened in 1917, Crown City Mattresses. Custom Rest has 33 employees and will $ 4 million in revenues today.

Steve Carwyle began working for the family business full time. After hitting on the trade show circuit and attending several"green" trade shows he realized that although the array of environmentally friendly products was dizzying, there was nothing from the bedding market.

"We Began carrying an all cotton bed to green trade shows and we started getting calls from all over the country," said Carwyle.

When Their dad retired in 2000, the brothers took on the firm's ownership. They closed locations in San Gabriel and La Crescenta, and concentrated solely on organic bedding products, from comforters and crib bumpers into the maximum quality custom made mattresses.

The At least 35 percent has jumped every year since 2002. Throughout that time, the business moved in San Gabriel into some foot site next door. The company also plans to take an square feet in precisely the exact same location this year.

Dr. Scott Bautch, past and chiropractor president of the American Chiropractic Association's Council on Occupational Health, stated that he advocates mattresses that were handmade for mattresses for those with allergy problems and clients with health problems.

"If Someone has bad allergies," Bautch said,"and buys something that hasn't been chemically treated, it can make a difference."

Bautch Pointed out that the least expensive all-natural mattresses are not much more expensive than the top manufacturers, which operate between $ 1,700 and $ 2,000 of Serta, or even as high as $ 6,000 for its premier collection. The mattresses of sealy top out at $3,000. In general, the quality and costs of mattresses have been trending industry wide.

The Chemicals used to make some fire solutions, required on artificial mattressesare an issue of health conscious customers. Mattresses made from cotton and wool are somewhat less flammable than synthetics and do not require fire retardants. Flame retardants occasionally contain gas and petrochemicals. Organic proponents claim that these chemicals are being inhaled during sleep since these are put on the surface of the mattress.

However, They are also able to absorb allergens, such as dander, since are porous.

"Organic Material can be resistant to allergens, but they come with less pollutants," Bautch said.

"It's Really bothersome that all fire retardant solutions get lumped in as having cancer causing agents because that's just not the situation," said Scaly spokesperson David Mullen. Sealy's proprietary alternative is non toxic.

Mullen Because a few folks are allergic to latex, said Scaly creates a synthetic latex mattress. And as for absorbent, organic cotton mattresses,'' Mullen pointed out that even some people today sweat when they sleep a great deal.

The Carwyles are focused on increasing the firm's access and enlarging the range of the company's sales.

The Amount of cotton or cotton grown without using pesticides on land that's been pesticide free for seven years is limited. With major brands like Nike Inc. and Levi Strauss & Co. entering the organic sector, a severe lack of organic cotton is expected by next year.

Scott Carwyle said his firm has built. Natural latex is also imported by him in Sri Lanka.

On The front, the business plans to open a 10,000 square foot distribution Centre in North or South Carolina this year. The new place will allow the Company to produce its mattresses cheaply over the East Coast The shipping price from $600 to $250 to the user. Scott Carwyle said that he Believed that East Coast sales, which constitute about one third of those Firm's earnings, could double with the delivery charge that is reduce.
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