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NVIDIA Kernel Driver Crash FIX / Driver has stopped responding FIX


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i´ve had problems with some games keep freezing,
crashing back to windows from emulators like cemu,
Doom wouldn´t run (yeah,yeah i´ve tried Vulkan)
Raiden IV stuttered and crashed to complete system freeze.

Here is what couldn´t fix it:
- editing the registry like some non helpful sites told me to
- Reinstalling Windows (7/10)
- tested many old and new Graphics Drivers
- got me new RAM
- got me a new mainboard.

NUFFIN could fix it, but then.....

Hit "windows key + R" , type "msconfig", click the "START" thingy at the top, click on "advanced options", activate "Number of processors" and set it to the amount of physical cores your CPU has, save settings, restart your computer, now it should be fixed.