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nSX2 Help!!


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Ok I used LimeWire and downloaded San Andreas. I got it onto WinAce and then I double clicked on setup.exe and it uploaded. I then downloaded nSX2 and did the same thing and got it onto WinAce. I clicked on exe. and then it opened. Now how do I get San Andreas onto nSX2???!!!


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Yes nSX2 is a PS2 emulator but you wont be able to play games on it its still in early stages of development and no theres no emulator that runs PS2 games perfectly anyway why would you want a PS2 emulator to play San Andreas? its much better if you get the PC version of San Andreas.


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labr10golden said:
nsx2 is a ps2 emulator
I think we had established that already, thanks.

And before you enlighten us further with remarks like "San Andreas is a ps2 game," we already know that too.