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nsx2 0.06 released


Emu64 Staff
<b>nsx2 0.06 released</b>

Yup, the new release that we were talking about just a few days ago has seen the light of day. Check out this nice and lengthy list of changes : <br><i>GUI: <br> - add DebugWindow ( Not fully completed )<br> CPU:<br> - Remove the PrefetchInterpreter Version ( too buggy and slower )<br> - Fix & add missing r5900 Opcodes<br> - Fix bug & add opcodes Tables<br> - Basic COP2 (vu) implementation <br> DMA:<br> - Rewrite all DMA transfert.<br> - Partial Implementation of "ChainedTransfertMode"<br> Bios:<br> - Partial Emulation of "Semaphore", <br> - Partial Emulation of DMA Handler & Interrupt Handler<br> IOP:<br> - Use the SifPlugin Plugin ( made by F|res and [RO]man )<br> The SifPlugin source is closed. If you need to port to another OS,<br> contact me or F|res.<br> Timers:<br> - Partial Emulation of Timers<br> Plugins:<br> - Nowown folder : plugins<br> Input:<br> - Use of Input Pluggin.<br> - Hack of Analogic Joystick ( bind to UP/Down Button )for turnip.elf<br> and p51.elf<br> GS:<br> - F8 key to make SnapShot ( works with GStaris plugin )<br> Elf:<br> - Rewrite some parts<br> Others:<br> - Split files in several parts <br> - The number of version is now : MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD<br> - Demos running with GStaris 0.6 : See file DEMO_STATUS.txt<br><i><br>Grab the binary <a href = "http://nsx2.emulation64.com/files/downloads/nsx2-0.06-win32.zip">here</a>, and the source code <a href="http://nsx2.emulation64.com/files/downloads/nsx2-0.06-src.zip">here</a>.