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NooDS finally boots commercial games


Someone wants to share it with us:

A little less than 2 months ago I posted here about NooDS, an original DS emulator that I was working on out of interest and as a learning experience. Back then I had just gotten basic homebrew games to display some simple graphics. I've made some decent progress since then, and it's finally at the point where commercial games are starting to boot! It's not exactly ready to compete with other DS emulators yet, but it's a pretty big milestone and it means there might be hope for my silly little project after all. If you didn't see my last post, the goal is to be a fast and portable DS emulator that will run on desktop, Switch, and Android, and maybe other platforms as well.

Here, have some screenshots:



Ace Attorney Investigations:


Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia:


Pokemon White:


ome other games do stuff as well, but these were the most interesting results from the games in my library. If you're interested, here's the GitHub page for the project. You'll also find links to my Discord server and my Patreon there, if either of those interest you.
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