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NO$Zoomer and Saving in Devil Survivor 2


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Normally I would have played any other game in the regular NO$GBA, I couldn't figure out any other way for it work besides NO$Zoomer or DeSmuME. I can play the game normally, it doesn't sound bad, the only problem I've encountered is not being able to save. Before when games would not save correctly, an error would occur and the game would tell me to reset the cartridge. Devil Survivor 2, on the other hand, acts like it saves when you press save (i.e. tells you it has saved your game and makes the ding sound), but if you were to back out to the title screen and try to load it, it would not load. The drop down box under "NDS-Cartridge Backup Media" is EEPROM 8KBytes.
Nevermind. Just me being a dork. Didn't even bother checking what the correct save type would be. Thought it was 8KBytes, it's 64 though. Have a nice day.


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