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Q: How do i re-encrypt my ROM file?
Q: I got the rom image has crashed "bug", what do I do?

A: No$GBA works only with encrypted roms, they are the exact image of the software inside the cart, for a group release to be reversed to that state you need a tool like NDSTool, that you may find in the Wiki of PocketHeaven

We here on Emutalk will not help you in any way to use that tool and it´s usage and any damage you may or may not, find on using it is not Emutalk´s fault in any way.

Q: I need the DS Firmware and Bioses, where do I find it?

A: The NDS firmware and Bioses are three files, BIOSNDS7.ROM, BIOSNDS9.ROM and Firmware.bin, however, our rules (http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=21490) forbid us from asking and telling about Bioses.

Q: My game, above ROM 500, gives me a black screen and stucks the emulator, how to proceed?

A: By our very own diablow...

You'll need the firmware.bin. After you copy it to no$gba folder (the same place where bioses reside), select "Reset/Startup Entrypoint" in Emulation Setup, save setup. Restart game, or even better - close and start no$gba again, now after selecting nds file, it will go to nds menu.

Q: I do have the necessary files to run No$GBA, what do i do with them?

A: Well, my friend Lowlines gave quite an explanation...

Stick the ILLEGAL files into your No$GBA folder, that's all there is to it and if you're roms still crash then obviously you haven't encrypted them. Because if you don't have those ILLEGAL firmware files in the root folder, No$GBA will come up with a message saying you are about to boot encrpyted roms which require the firmware which cannot be found.....

Note that all of our rules stand over private messages as well.
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Well.. sorry but I have to agree with FlotsamX. This thread contains obsolete information now, eventhough it's the stickied no$GBA FAQ!