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No$GBA Compatibility results.


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Things should go much smoothly for you now, just don't expect to play Warhammer 40k though as it still doesn't work.:bye3:


Yes, it does work..

Naruto Shippuuden - Shinobi Retsuden II JPN

Status: Not Playable
Visibile menu, black background, graphic errors and crashes when a battle start


Version:2.6a (screens 5 and 6)

Same as 2.6 but without graphic errors in the characters in any rendering mode


3 and 4 for version 2.6



5 and 6 for version 2.6a




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Harry Potter : The Order of The Phoenix -->Not playable
after language select
the game asks you to restart the DS usually this problem is solved by setting
the NDS cartridge backup media but it doesnt have any affetc here.

EDIT: I used No$gba 2.6

Update: Brothers in Arms DS a bit slow and only touchscreen controlles works :/


Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings - Fully playable but with pretty low FPS especially when playing cutscenes
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Emu vers.: 2.6a

"The World Ends with You" (ya rly) isn´t playable. It only loads till the mainscreen, then the music is playing and you can´t do anything, but the the emulation works with ~103% (look up my profile for the system) on (nearly overall) AUTO settings (which doesn´t rly matter since it isn´t playable at all)

When you click on "Error" it says:

Errors per second -- 3,294
Total Errors -- 299,809
Low Power Mode -- Okay
Multiboot Support -- Unsupported (file too large)
Quality Rating -- Disqualified

i guess this is aready known, though i didn´t find it in this thread.


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i am trying to run disgea for the ds emulator and it acts wird it will show lahals character sprite but when i simply move it flickers to someone else so instead of lahal walking ive got a zombie walking and then when i stay still it stops
i dont know what to do even the same problem with the animation sequences it glitches and skips so i dont see the whole animation


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Kingdom Hearts 358/2

I'm not sure if anyone posted one for this already, and if someone has oppsies and sorry for my laziness...

Anyways, whenever I try to load a DS game into no$gba I get told it can't load it.

I've tried playing the game on DeSmuMe, and the top screen is invisible, for Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon I can play the game well enough since it's strategy and I don't need the bottom screen, which it blots out for the most part besides command buttons (It does the same thing in KH, blotting out the graphics but not the controls, on the top screen)

I have the latest version of no$gba, so it's not because my version is outdated, I'm curious if there are settings that need to be set for me to play DS games, or if KH358/2 and FE are just not compatible, or if it's because of the 3D graphics in those games that screws it up.