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New version of True Reality released


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...yesterday a new version of the old school software N64 emulator True Reality was released.
There's no changelog, but it had 3 releases in the last few months after 4 years of silence! Nobody interested? Only 1 download yet (me).


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Well, it's only scripted for, basically, learning how to make emulators. So, I'd imagine not many people would be interested. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, though.


Master of the Emulation Flame
Yeah, that was the first intension, but the great TR64 emu was build from this source IIRC.
And after I brought this news to some sites the download counter increased greatly. Not only 1 download, now nearly 40... nice.


Mupen64Plus Dev.
I've only looked at a few files so far but it looks like a nicely programmed emulator. Clean code as far as i can tell.