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New Sony portable game console information


http://eetimes.com/electronics-news/4212605/Four-core-ARM-A9-to-run-Sony-game-console I won't state my view of Sony's 'boring' announcement. I will say this, Sony is very likely to continue it's abusive marketing tactic of fake backwards compatibility on all there consoles (essentially they've lied every time about this), as well as fake 'user software' on the systems as well. The community is not amused with the horse manure they continue shoveling at everyone. Cyb


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Sony wouldn't lie to us, would they? its not possible *grabs a pillow and rocks back and forth*

I don't trust anyone asides nintendo when it comes to backwards compatibility, xbox360 and ps3 both have terrible or non existent backwards compatibility, least the wii does gamecube stuff.

I never used my PSP as much before I could run my emulators on it, Sony doesn't like you running your own programs on their stuff, they think it leads to piracy which funnily enough is exactly what happened when the PS3s otheros was removed, hackers became interested.
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PS1/PS2 compatibility was ok wasnt it? But yeah, Nintendo is basically the king when it comes to that (aside from Microsoft, lol. Viruses/malware from 10 years ago still work!)