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New Paper Mario


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I'm retexturing Paper Mario in the style of the newer games of the series.
If you want to be updated more frequently, you should check out my NPM gallery on deviantART.

Here are some pics:








General: ~10%

Mario's House and Goombaville
-Background: 100%
-Characters: 90%
Toad Town
-Background: 99%
-Characters: 80%
Peach's Castle
-Background: 70%
-Characters: 50%
Koopa Village
-Background: 10%
-Characters: 60%

Items: 95% (but not in game yet)
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Wow, thanks for your replies, guys. It's nice to see that someone likes what I've done so far and it gives me more strenght to continue my work :D
At the moment, I can't upload screenshots, but I still have something for you:


Mario and his partners (asking himself who's missing)
Somehow, the colors are terribly wrong, I don't know whether this is because of this computer I'm at right now or something else...

Oh, and if anyone would like to help, it would make my work much easier if someone could dump some textures for me, especially those which are hard or exhausting to access. I'm talking about all the items, all the "burnt" poses for all the enemies and partners and of course the special letters and signs (like the railway station) in French and Spanish.

That's all for now, thanks again!


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Wow! you've seriously got talent! (And a loooooot of time to spare....) What software are you using?
BTW, the palette used for the letters/symbols is inside the name, just compare the same letter in two colors.


New member
Hehe, thanks!
Yes, I've really got lots of time to spare, as I recently got the message that I didn't make it into the university of arts and design which I applied for, so I have a whole year until I can try to get in again.

Abou the letters, I already realized that there was some sort of pattern on how they are named, but what would be the easiest way to use this knowledge? I could copy a color I already have completed and then rename each file correspondending to the new color... But that's quite some work, does anybody know how to use actions in Photoshop? Or is there an even easier method?


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I don't know about photosop, but in fireworks you could create one file with all the letters, and just group them (one group for the fill, one for the outline, and change them all in once).
You'd then have to add slices, and export it (like PAPER MARIO_color_ABCDEF.png), next step is to run a renaming tool and change 'color' to the id of the palette.

Why di you choose to use Photoshop instead of illustrator? (By the way, just an idea, but you could try to make Watt's body (the round thing + pacifier) have the strong outline, and make the sparks and his glow have the 'inner' outline.)


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Why di you choose to use Photoshop instead of illustrator?

I didn't choose Photoshop. I make almost everything in Illustrator, but I use Photoshop in the end because it's easier to create the respective files with PS.

And thanks for the advice on fireworks, I'll check that out.


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This is brilliant work. Are you drawing the sprites by hand?

Hehe, it matters on how you define "by hand". :D
I use the original textures from PM2 as a base and draw my version over them. I have to admit, until now my work was mostly like tracing the originals (which still isn't as easy as it sounds), but I'll get to be more creative as soon as I get to the characters or textures that weren't remade in PM2 or PM3.

I'm returning home today, so I'll soon be able to post more screenshots for you.

Upcoming: Her royal majesty Princess Peach Toadstool of Mushroom Kingdom.

(Btw, does anybody know why I can't change my avatar? I always get "Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file." or "Unable to move/copy file")
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@Nelde can't wait to see some more screenshots. About your avatar I wouldn't be surprised if the function itself is broken, I don't think any of the Admins even visit this forum anymore.


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Sorry, but new screenshots have to white a little now, maybe I can post some this weekend.
I just read that Nintendo's gonna remake Paper Mario for the 3DS, well I guess that's be interesting for me to see how they do it.
Seems like we retexturers have got some competition now, as they are also remaking Oot and Star Fox. ;)

Edit: I just read that it won't be a Paper Mario remake, but an entirely new game. Yay!
Here's the link if anyone's interested. Looks pretty cool. And a chain-chomp partner? How cool's that?
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So, here are 3 new screenshots:


The retextured HUD and battle system, also Peach :)



Tell me guys, what do you think of my idea to replace Jr Troopa with Bowser Jr?
And what do you think of the rest?