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New Glide64!


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<b>New Glide64!</b>

From the<a href="http://www.emuxhaven.net/~glide64/" target="_blank">Glide64 site</a>:<br><br>February 6, 2003 - another birthday release.<br>Today is my birthday, and I decided to do a little present for me and for you - new release of Glide64! I had not much time to work on the plugin, so there are not so many changes in this version:<br><br>Ucode detected only when game is started, not each frame as in previous version. Speed must increase, but compatibility may decrease.<br>Added a hack to fillrect (Car selection screen in SF Rush)<br>Fixed using primdepth in texrect (Car selection in SF Rush 2049)<br>Added new buffer swapping method which prevents flicker in Paper Mario (not everywhere yet). Thanks Jyzero for bugreport, save file and ideas.<br>Fixed moveword LIGHTCOL (Background in "star soldier vanishing earth")<br>Implemented calls of GS2DEX ucode functions from F3DEX2 ucode (2D stuff in "bomberman 64 - the second attack!")<br>Implemented missing combiners in Paper Mario and some other games <br><br>Download it from the downloads section! And thanks to fivefeet8 for the news :)