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Low Lines

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I got quite I shock when I logged on today to see EmuTalk.net....DIFFERENT....:bouncy:

It looks really good and it now matches the Emulation64 site design, which is good.


May I request that new threads and posts have flashing icons? They stand out much better and I sort of rely on them more than reading the dates and that.

Plus could there be some sort of return with the "Online" icon that shows under everbody's profile, the text message "Low Lines is online now" doesn't seem to stand out as well either.

But apart from that, everything else is sweet and I think its a change for the good cos now EmuTalk.net looks really modern. =]


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Thanks for your comments, we'll have to wait for Keith to return so he can give his opinion. :)

Low Lines

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So he's the site designer is he? Cool :bouncy:

Well if he wants, I could do them up no problem, I can just use the ones here and change the brightness slightly =] I like being helpful where I can :flowers:


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The new design is fantastic. :D Kind of like what my forums new skin is going to be like :p


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keith is the less lazy one, and the one behind the current design, as well as the last emu64 one