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need to find good winamp2 output plugin


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i remember a while back (a long while back ;) ), i think alphawolf suggested a really good winamp2 output plugin, i got it back then and was brilliant. now i would really appreciate if anyone knows what im blabbering on about and give me a helping hand in finding this plugin. or maybe any suggestions on some sound plugins for winamp that have excellently sound quality.

another thing, ive just switched back to winamp after a year of windows media player, and im just wondering if theres anyway to show album details in the media library as well as the artisit and title. its kinda annoying, as i have 100s of albums that i just got from thailand (ah thailand........) and a lot by the same artists, so t would be really useful to know what album each track is playing from. cheers people.


roll for life
Trotterwatch said:
Pretty sure you are talking about the MAD plugin, I too have noticed Alphawolf talking about it (and now use it because of that recommendation).

Try here to see if this is the one you are talking about:

ah thats the one dude. u've solved one out of many of my problems for today. my pc is being an absolute bitch at the moment, first i get home from thailand to ifnd i have this msblast worm that's been on the news, now after getting rid of that the internet is causing my whole pc to slowdown ridiculously. its really random, sometimes the net will work fine, but then all of a sudden everything slolws down, i notice the cursor moving really choppy and i notice my music visualisations slowing down. real odd. anyway, im hoping its just my isp and not an actual pc issue. ive checked my pc for trojans, but nothing was found. anyway, cheers for the winamp plugin - thats exactly what i was looking for.


ummm. just get the newest version of winamp 2 - that comes with a media library. either that or the leaked winamp 5 alpha:)
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