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Need savegame....


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Has anyone here the knowlegde how to manipluate savegames from Resident Evil 4?
Because i need a savegame for the fight with el Gigante !
I looked with Hex Editor to the Memcard a but i cant figure out how it works...
Therefore i wanna ask here ---> maybe someone are able to help me!
or can he tell us which values must be change in the hex editor?
Please help!


I get perfect speed >: )
No gfx problems AND all the games work perfecty with savegames, etc
So, i'm happy, my pc has an incorporated GC MWHAHAHAHAHA (Well, not really but MWAHAHAHA)
Totally fake XD.
I DID get perfect fps in "shadow the hedgehog" menu though with dynarec but bout 1.80 ingame :(.
I want to borrow a dreamcast to play sonic 2 though