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Mupen64Plus v1.5 is ready!


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I have some trouble with my home internet connection so the win32 build will be a while longer... sorry about that.


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It crashes trying to extract ROMs from a 7z archive in the ROM cache.
Added ROM: Glover (E) (M3) [!]
Added ROM: 
Deflating 7zip archive.
Segmentation fault
There's one archive with several ROMs inside that could be the one causing that.


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I'm looking SO MUCH forward to a working win32 version of Mupen64Plus.

indeed, i'm anxious to see a windows version since i didnt see a windows version of 1.4 and i want to translate mupen again to brazilian portuguese (if something was added of course). ;)


I have some trouble with my home internet connection so the win32 build will be a while longer... sorry about that.

i would luv U long time for compiling&upping it somewhere!
i dont understand enough of coding for porting it to win32/64...
i am only able to compile the latest SVN of Dolphin for my own usage...
could you -pretty please- continue your work? so all the windows-users can take advantage of all the work that the mupen64plus-team made, too?


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What I'm saying is that if you're wanting it for normal use... this isn't really the place to look at the moment.
However if you're wishing to help test, that's cool.

Just making sure you understand where the port is at, becaue it's not too clear in your post.


if porting it to win32/64 would be easy i had done it myself ;)
i need linux for compiling it... but i am lazy. (i found a discription what i need to compile it for windows using linux...)


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err, what?

I hope you're just talking about mingw, or you're definatly going about something the hard way, if not impossible.


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When I try to get high res textures to work, and I look in the terminal, the rice plugin fails to load

Couldn't load plugin 'ricevideo.so': /usr/lib/mupen64plus/ricevideo.so: undefined symbol: glCombinerInputNV

and a google search returned nothing, except for another post, but I thought maybe in the forum thread with the version I have was a better idea

any ideas?


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I'll package a win32 version soon. Beware that it is not complete.

It's been what, almost two years since that comment has been made? I know it's good to have programs for both Windows and Mac OSes, but isn't this, oh I don't know, OS discrimination? If only someone (who has programming skills) would actually COMPILE a build of this alleged version 1.5....