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Mupen64 sources

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Emulator Developer
This is the source code of Mupen64. Please be warned that this not the cleanest coding style you will have seen !
-More seriously if you want to contribute to the project, please ask me first (this is just to not have many people that are making the same thing...).
-When you give me new code please comment what you have done and delimit what you have done.
-Please do not distribute this file, just put links to this message board.
-This code is compilable under linux and beos without major changes in the Makefiles. It can also be compiled under linux for windows with a cross compiler. I think it is easy to compile under cygwin or devcpp and i think it is not too hard to modify it in order that it compiles under visual c++.

If you have problems to decompress it, remove the .zip extension. (This message board doesn't accept .tgz files)
Not open for further replies.