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Multiplayer 3D emulator launcher built in Half-Life 2 engine

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Source Media Arcade is a customizable 3D interface that launches your emulator games. I created it because I play a lot of games on a lot of different emulators, and I wanted browsing my games collection to be as easy and fun as playing the games themselves.

In SM Arcade, you launch every game the exact same way: just walk up to it and press E. The correct emulator will automatically be loaded with the correct command line parameters and you can get directly to playing without even looking at a menu.

Decorating the 3D arcades with my games and movies is very fun as well. Literally thousands of add-on levels to choose from because it can use maps created for any Source engine game. You can even create arcades on official maps like cs_office.

As far as emulator support, it comes with built-in support for many of the popular emulators. I can easily honor requests for supporting your favorite emulator, and instantly deliver it to you through the built-in Downloadable Content menu of SM Arcade.

The best part about it is that I can still use my Start menu and my task bar, I can alt+tab fine, and all my games launch with the programs I'm used to seeing. It is a lot like replacing your boring desktop wallpaper with an interactive 3D desktop.

Don't worry too much about performance. If you can run Half-Life 2 by itself, you should be fine launching your games with SM Arcade. It goes into a low-memory footprint background mode while you play your other games. You won't even notice that its there.

This is my first post here, so I'm not allowed to put links in my post. I'll reply with a YouTube video and the link to the GameBanana profile when it lets me. Stay tuned.

For now you can just check out the website I made for it: smarcade.net
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