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Mmh... did my motherboard die?


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Yeah... I have a very bad problem with my desktop PC and hope that someone can help me: I bought a SATA to USB converter and plugged it into my first USB hub, without external power supply and it got disconnected... so I thought, to many input, try the other one with external power supply... but didn't worked either, same probleme, all external devices got disconnected and the USB HUB was "dead".
So I thought, I should probably try the normal USB... plugged it into and then all my connectors on the back of my PC lost connection! USB & PS2!
So no mouse input etc.
I don't know what I should do, my PC started into vista, but I couldn't control, so I've done a BIG failure: Removed the bios battery and hoped, that after that all will work like before, BUT now my PC awaits input and I don't even come into Vista anymore.
HELP! I have a lot projects on my Desktop PC and don't know how to save them!


Well if you have a other computer you could put the hard drive into that computer and backup ur projects onto the other PC


saving your work shouldn't be anymore trouble then plugging the hdd into another pc and copying it over as mentioned above. you might have to take ownership of the files (http://forums.pcworld.com/docs/DOC-1127) to see them, but again not a big deal.

first i'd try unplugging everything except your mouse/keyboard/monitor/power cordand see if it goes anywhere for you. run them all from the back of the motherboard (not the front panel USB ports) and see if that gets you anywhere. then start adding them back one by one.

i've never been a fan of usb hub's, just too much recource sharing and nowadays motherboards come with at least 4 in the back, give or take 2 in the front.

i'm doubt plugging your sata hdd in without the power cord would've damaged it. try plugging it in directly to the motherboard and not through the adapter and see if it works then.