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Missing files from bmdview2 source.


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I downloaded a bunch of utilities from http://www.amnoid.de/gc/
I'm running on linux, and porting the source for most of them to linux has been trivial. However, I can't port bmdview2 from the source available on that page (bmdview2_src_20080502.zip) since it is missing multiple .h files.

At least the following seem to be missing:

And it seems fairly evident from the error messages that these files include structure definitions, not just function definitions. For instance, there is no
definition for "struct Btp" and "struct Bck".

Given these errors, I can't believe that this version of the source will compile on any OS. If someone could point me to a version of the source that has these missing .h files that would be wonderful. In return, I'd gladly post a patch to allow these utilities to be compiled on linux.


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Thanks! The GNU C++ compiler doesn't understand -fpascal-strings, but since I don't have a 3d mouse (I don't even know if linux drivers exist for one), that shouldn't be a problem. I'll sit down again and try to get it compiling soonish.