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Majoras Mask Transition Glitching


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Okay... I was ok with this going through the first 3 days when in every day the screen would get smaller, with bell sounds and a bunch of blue and black pixels surrounding the screen. This went away after a while and say "Day 2" or something along those lines. But when my save file got deleted (my fault) I tried going through the first 3 days once again this morning. I made it to the 2nd day, but when the transition happened... it didn't say anything. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my preferences, or maybe just the game... but I need to fix it :(


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Sixtyforce has some issues that I don't think are really fixable from the end user's side and if it were fixable afaik no one here uses Sixtyforce enough to know how and where we would go at this. You could try contacting the developer on your issue (or you could post screenshots of your settings dialogs maybe something jumps at me which could be used to fix this) or try out Mupen64Plus (or M64Py if you need a GUI) and use the glide64mk2 graphics plugin, where at least I know my way around and would be able to help with problems
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