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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Portrait Texture Pack


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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Portrait Texture Pack

-heres some images

- texture pack

Decryption key : 0vSDIZxdKijiV3ek-a_p5Q

This texture pack is usable through Retroarch's Beetle PSX HW core's Texture dump and replace feature that was recently added. I replaced all the character portraits with AI upscaled versions of the PSP remake portraits.

How to use: Have Retroarch and the core called Beetle PSX HW

2.) Open your game folder directory and make a txt file and open it. Copy both .cue files names and paste them one right under the other in the text file. rename as the "game name.m3u" ( the .m3u file is required for the texture pack to work across both discs)

3.) next make a folder that says "game name-texture-replacements" and copy the contents of my texture pack ( only the PNG'S in the folders) to the replacements folder

( there is in image on the imgur link that shows what your folder should look like.)

4.) In Retroarch when you open the game, you must press "f1" and go down to options and select "Vulkan" as your renderer. Scroll down and select "track textures", and "replace textures" and switch them to on. That's it! enjoy :)

The PSX architecture only allows images at dimensions of or under 256 by 256. A lot of work went into cleaning up images and reshaping them to not stretch them.

I also added blood to Ghaleon's PSP portrait which was in the original and taken out of the PSP versions portrait. Who doesn't want to see his face beat to a pulp after you just kicked his butt!?

This was my first time playing through the game and i loved it! Hope you can enjoy the game even more with these expressive portraits! Here's a ingame shot!


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