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LoZ OoT Black Screen Project64 V1.6


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Hi, I was playing OoT on the Project64 V1.6 Emulator and I was somewhere at the start of the game. When I entered a new area in the game, The screen cut to black for a solid minute so I closed the program. Now I attempted to reopen Project64, But it just said that "The default or selected video plugin is missing or invalid." When I clicked okay it opened the program settings. In the first screen I see, The Video (Graphics) plugin, Audio (sound) plugin, and Input (controller) plugin were all missing. When I dropped it down to select them again, There was no options. Earlier before playing I look in the settings and saw that all of these were filled out. After clicking okay again, it opens the program fully and when I go to open a Rom, it says "Cannot open a rom because plugins have not successfully initialized." What do I do now?