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Low Lines Post :p

Low Lines

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Hmm just had a thought :p With how the DS uses WiFi for all it's communications :p

Do you think with a bit of research, (and a lot more NDS Emulator Releases lol) that your pc could be treated as another node in this Wireless Connectivity, so that multiplayer functionality would be doable between it and a real NDS, or another PC?

Considering signals can be intercepted, it seems logical that it'd be possible, unfortunately I don't have the knowledge nor skill nor effort values to really take my n00bish ideas any further (lol).

But I mean if and NDS can WiFi with a Wii, why not NDS or Wii with a PC (lol)

God I'm an idiot ... just a random thought anyways :)

Another thing I noticed when I was fiddling with my RAM reading stuff...is the allocation of RAM and CPU to the NDS emulators :p

No$GBA uses about 40MB (approx.) but requires very little CPU

whereas both DeSmuME and iDeaS only use about 25MB but use up a large amount of CPU in comparison :p

Although, No$GBA is obviously using a frameskip, it's sound emulation seems the most accurate out of the three. iDeaS being the least. But I'm guessing there may be some audio/graphic syncing involved there somewhere.

Has anyone gotten a sorta of flickering image on the upper part of the bottom screen with 2D games on No$GBA?

Hmm just so i don't start comparing them TOO much and then start taking sides...I'll leave it at that :p (alas for random thread topics lol)

Btw everytime I pop on, been noticing a lot of "help me with this game" thread, some of which are jsut reoccuring over and over again :p Wasn't there like a Help Thread in here somewhere? Just a thought :)

Ohs ohs!! And we are doing portals in databases now in IT *YAY* unfortunately they don't take me to another world *cries*