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    I would like to say thanks to squall_leonhart
    for posting this Solution.

Loulof Loulovski's Banjo-Kazooie HD


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Thanks to the guys over at the Rarewitchproject I found out about a Banjo Kazooie High Resolution Project of the French User Loulof Loulovski. It's a project worth showing here!

  • Pictures:





  • Videos:
Download: Emulation King


Share you opinion of the pack and discuss here.
The pack consists of more than 2000 textures and is really astonishing!
But I repeat: It's not my pack, neither do I know the author personally. But he already answered my message on Youtube and told me, that he is honored to be advertised here on Emutalk and that after he have some free time he will check out this place. You know what for great texture artist the French speaking people are, because you know Djipi. :D
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Great find! I wonder if there are other great projects that have flown under emutalk's radar.
Most probably, but it's hard to find them and keep track of all of them or even get a sign of life of the authors. But I'll continue my search for unseen and unnoticed texture packs and post them here. :)


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yes french is good mdr . No seriously , Loulof is one friend of me to an other emulation64 site. He make really good work and really hope to finish his wonderfull pack. I just say : Good luck.


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How does this compare to macphisto's pack? I noticed this one is much larger.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate the hard work of everyone that made this possible


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In case anyone still cares, Loulof Loulovski is still working on this and almost done. He has new links to the packs in the description of his latest youtube video. (his user name on there is Loulof Loulovski lol)

There are 2 of them that go together and it's almost double in size than what it used to be (the link posted on this site) Over 3700 textures, amazing work!


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I can't get this Texture Pack working...
I am using 1.6 and glide final... but its never loading the textures ._.

can anyone help me ?


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I finally got it loaded (after days of trying and re-trying), however some of the files didn't load properly (Grunty's portrait, and some other small stuff, etc) but I'm not complaining, it looks amazing...!!! Glad I didn't give up.

Looks especially good on my 10.1 inch Transformer Infinity HD display....


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Does anybody of you have a more recent pack that includes retextured worlds beyond Bubblegoop Swamp? He uploaded some videos of further retextured worlds (& included some download links as well), but only the Click Clock Woods one was online...

edit: Oh, nevermind: both packs seem to make it almost complete! (Click on the title & check the description on YT)
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