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Link Moves (or does he?)


Awesome White Dude
I need a tonne of help from as many Zelda nerds I can find.

The main question is: Does Link move during the dialogue of obtaining an item?

For example, you open a chest with 50 rupees in it. When Link holds the item and it explains what the item is, does he, or does he not, move?

I believe that Twilight Princess is the only Nintendo Zelda game in which Link moves during the dialogue. He doesn't in any of the 2D games, he doesn't during the DS games, and I don't think he does in any of the 3D games except for Twilight Princess.

Please either back-up my information, or disagree completely and end my search.

Disclaimer (I don't know what this is, but it sounds smart):
I did discover, for myself, that Link moves only in Twilight Princess and in none of the other games; I did not steal anyone else's findings.
If you noticed the same thing before, do not claim I copied you, cos I didn't.


At your service, dood!
Being one of those zelda nerds (I've beaten pretty much every zelda i've put my hands on), I honestly can't see the relevance of this piece of information.

Its like asking if Mario goes to the toilet... it changes nothing.

I've seen him move before on item collection, mostly for comedic effect.