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Lack of gamecube emu support


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Hi everyone this is my first post.

Basically I was wondering why the gamecube has got pretty much no emulation support at the moment, I mean look at no$gba for the DS, its updated virtually every month, yet the poor old cube has had no decent emulator updates for months. Back in 2005 things were coming along nicely and looking promising, at the current rate we will never get a fully working emulator for the cube, why is this.

By the way I do own a gamecube, I just want to incoporate it into my multimedia PC
along with my other emulators to create a super gaming system


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1st. i wanna say welcome to the boards

as far as the gamecube go's we get about 3,000,000 posts asking that same question everyday the gamecube has a severe lack of documentation and the developers im sure are working on it, but we are all real people with real lifes.

many emulators are just projects that people work on for fun on there spare time and they enjoy sharing the stuff that they come up with.

although No$Gba is an amazing peice of work. and is updated often. i would imagine that a handheld game system is a bit easier than a full blown console.

Just be patient. as far as gamecube emulation go's ... i think if you cant contribute to help it along just forget about it for a year .. maybe 2 then check it out then, its what i do.

the word emulation and overnight. dont mix man.

sorry if u think i gave u any attitude its just we are all answering your question everyday

welcome to the boards and make sure you check out the Rules of the board


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Hi, thanks for your answer, I wouldn't mind donating to the developers, it's the only way I could contribute as my programming skills are pretty basic, It is a shame that there is so little documentation avaliable for the cube. I guess i will just have to stick to playing the actual console for the time being.


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If you donate i would donate to No$Gba, i dont know him or anything.... but im pretty sure that only 1 person works on it... and seems to work very hard. also, if you donate u will get his newest beta's before they go public. and thats always a good time!...


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The only thing I could say is, the current gamecube emulators are being developed hidden behind the scene. There are a few emulators that are still in progress but without giving much words about it. Sadly the only thing to do is to wait and hope something will appear someday.

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Sorry to bump, but emulating the GameCube is like emulating a Mac.

The GameCube uses a modded IBM PowerPC processor (something like what they use in PPC Macs) running at 300Mhz to 700Mhz (I think it's 500Mhz or 550Mhz exactly). Emulating that is differcult.

The GameCube may not be 128bit, but emulating a Mac is hard. I did however crash the gamecube once and got a red screen of death (what I call it) with debug stuff like registers, ram addresses, exception codes and such.


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Actually emulating the cpu core isn't the most challenging... at least compared to something like the DSP... (the powerpc is well documented http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infoc...aix.aixassem/doc/alangref/instruction_set.htm) And as for other documentations, quite alot of info is available. YAGCD, although incomplete, is still a very good doc... not to mention all the stuff org and others like him reversed engineered.

But like Knuckles said a month ago, some projects are still being worked on even though no news is being made.