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I'm not safe from MPAA/RIAA attacks here...


Wilson's Friend
Two of my friends got disconnected from their ISP, they were told they were using their connections for breaking the copyright laws. They were somehow scared. It's illegal here to invade people privacy via Internet, and the ISP doesn't have the stuff needed to watch the traffic (there are only 2 ISPs here, all of them from the government , one even gives dynamic IPs to the users).
So today I started to google if I can find any similar cases here in Costa Rica. I found that they are receiving mails or calls from their ISP telling them that they were notified by international authorities that their IP was used for piracy purposes. In one case the ISP sent them a forward mail from Paramount Pictures:

from:p[email protected]
Evidentiary Information:

Notice ID: 26906065
Recent Infringement Timestamp: 9 Oct 2007 00:39:52 GMT
Infringed Work: Shooter
Infringing FileName: Shooter.DVDR-Replica
Infringing FileSize: 4779231263
Protocol: BitTorrent
Infringing URL: http://tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce
Infringers IP Address: moo.MOO.Bah.baa
Infringer's DNS Name:
Infringer's User Name:
Initial Infringement Timestamp: 9 Oct 2007 00:39:52 GMT

Yes I know that the IP is missing but they guy removed it. Well after that they were told that if they want they service back, they have to sent a signed letter to the ISP telling them that they will not use the service for copyright infringement. They did that, and they got their service back without any legal charges. Why? I asked a lawyer and he told me that the ISPs can't get any information about what the users are doing with their internet connections for privacy reasons. But this will change when CAFTA implementations get ready here.

So nobody's longer safe...


Emulation Fanatic
Wow...This is really bad news. So, our privacy is being invaded now...Soon, the word privacy will be a thing of the past, if the government gets their way.