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I Want to Code FOR an N64 Emulator


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Hi, I will go right to the point: i was wondering if it would be possible to program something for the N64 from the PC, with a program or something, and run it on the N64 or an emulator.

Did you now about any program or tool to do it?

It's because i don't want to buy an N64 and a Dr.V64 from eBay.
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A quick search for "N64 toolchain" brings up this:


In theory playing homebrew on an emulator should be no different from playing on an N64. In practice you might have some problems if the N64 emulator you're using doesn't emulate the RSP/RDP and your code/libraries needs access to it. I doubt the toolchains will include commercial ucodes, but it's also possible they don't include support for anything running on RSP/RDP at all (which could mean no 3D libraries). Still, you're probably best off using an emulator like MESS for this stuff.