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I need a Phillips CD-i Emulator for Android


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Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums, and I would just like to ask where the heck can I find a CD-i emulator for Android so I can play Hotel Mario on my phone (Galaxy S6). Ibe been trying to do this for 3 days. I tried MAME4Droid and it didn't see the iso file. I tried putting the iso in a folder but that didn't work either. I heard somewhere that you need a .chd file, so I got that (I'm not specifying where, I don't want to break the rules on my first day lol) and it doesn't show up either! I browse around and several people say you need a zip next to the chd, but my chd didn't come with a zip... Then some people say MAME4Droid doesn't work with Android at all, so I go try RetroArch on Android. I couldn't find a CD-i core, so I use the Arcade MAME core. But when I get my file and tap it, it crashes even when I put the bios in the same folder. I sorta know this is possible as someone on a forum said they got Android working with CD-i, and I want to know a working method to do that that won't take 3 years to setup. So thanks in advance guys, I just really want to play Hotel Mario on my phone.


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Not you don't. No one needs a Philips CD-i in any form. To think that you do is self-delusion, and is ultimately destructive.

As a general rule, CHDs never come with a .zip archive, and vice versa. The CHD is the actual disc image (you know, of the optical disc), and the zip archive contains the ROM images. In the CD-i's case I'm not sure there even is a zip archive, seeing how the CD-i is not an arcade machine, but a home console with a disc drive. Logic would dictate that you only need the CD-i BIOS files and the disc image for Hotel Mario.

From what I understand, there is no dedicated CD-i emulator for Android, and trying to emulate it in MAME under Android is a fool's errand. But what do I know.
Do you really need to play Hotel Mario (of all things) on a Galaxy S6? A Windows/Linux laptop doesn't cut it?
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1. it's for the meemz d000d
2. If I need only the bios and chd, where would I put them and what emulator would I use? That was kind of the whole purpose of this thread.

well actually the reasons I would like to play it on Android are because
1. I am using it for a subscriber special
2. This is my mostwanted game to play on the go
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