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I have a .TPL viewer here


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I think the first option is the one I meant. Examples in RE4 disc 1 are em\em10.drs or any of the other .drs files there and ss\Eng\chap01.dat and all the other .dat files there.


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thakis said:
Zelda and Mario have som CI4 and CI8 files - however, in .bti format. The format is more or less the same, only other header data. Anyone interested in file names?

Edit: What is CMP format?


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Sorry to bump an old topic but, has anyone worked on a .bin expander for .bin files, like the ones found in the Animal Crossing disc?

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TPL files in Resident Evil 4 PS2

Hi everybody,

This is my first post and I have a little problem with the TPL files found in Resident Evil 4 PS2 version (I have the original game, not an ISO one). Sorry if it is not the best place for my request - because my post deals with Gamecube TPL files.

The TPL files are saved in an AFS archive and seem to be the same files (like the others one) used in the Gamecube version of the game. I used GCM view and TPLX, no one is able to read the files T_T... I guess that CAPCOM has changed the TPL's code.

So, does anyone know any method in order to extract these files (which certainly contain the new screens of Separate Ways:drool:) ?

Thank you in advance.


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i cant answer your question...

however, i did extract Resident Evil 4's "cc\Cmn\itm00.tpl" from the gamecube and compared it to the ps2s.
the ps2 file is 128 bytes larger than the gamecube.
the ps2 tpl header does not comply to yagcd -- the magic word, textures, and header size show unexpected values.
the ps2 data does not appear to match the gc data.

i suspect the tpl header is different and the image may have been encoded in another format.

tools used: my personal gamecube utils based on yagcd & tplx. afsexplorer3.7. debug.

try posting your question to a ps2 forum.


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nah... i wouldnt want to piss in the pool of gcm knowledge.

at present i'm writing 2 utils: a gcm texture util and a gcm disc util.
there are still some things i want to do before making the c++ source public...

// For GCMTex
// TODO Implement texture format a (CI14X2)
// TODO Implement Yaz0 decompression.
// TODO OOPify tpl, bti, bnr file formats.
// TODO convert all images in file.
// TODO convert all images in all files.
// TODO more documentation
// TODO code cleanup

// FOR GCMDisc
// TODO extract directory and subdirectories.
// TODO sacrifice a smurf

lately, i havent had much time to work on these... hell, i may even throw out the c++ implementation and start fresh in java or c# -- i choose c++ as an excerise in testing the eclipse cdt. my honest opinion is that c++ is a horrible language when compared to java or c#. i long for linear inheritance, polymorphic iterators, better exception handling, a standardized hashtable class, a standardized regex class, blah blah blah... let the flames begin!


other people have written similar utils such as monk's tplx from his gcube project and sadistech's gcmtool suite.


come to think of it, it would be handy to have a thread for links to various gcm utils... surely, someone has started one of these somewhere...


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i havent touched the code in over a month until recently. i refactored and cleaned up a bunch of stuff up. its now driven by getopt which rocks socks. mebbe this will give you an idea of its status...

// TODO test extracting list of files --save-as = "filename_N.tga"
// TODO test Yaz0 decompression.
// TODO Implement texture format a (CI14X2)
// TODO add verbose option for extraction.
// TODO convert all images in file. (-x option for all, --extract=NUMBER for specific)
// TODO convert all images in all files.
// TODO code cleanup on TextureFiles (Format, BNR, BTI, TPL)
// TODO consider making this utility a generic game cube file extractor/converter for audio

// texture format a (CI14X2) compressed bnr, bti, or tpl file.
// Yaz0 compressed bnr, bti, or tpl file.
// can a map contain pointers to constructors as values -- if so how?

* Given a Nintendo GameCube file (BNR, BTI, or TPL), show header info, list contents, and/or extract & convert contents.

* Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO for JP (GWZJ), opening.bnr

* Luigis Mansion (GLME), Effect\hakko.bti, texture format 1 (I8)
* Luigis Mansion (GLME), Ending\house_00.bti, texture format 4 (RGB565)
* The Legend Of Zelda The Wind Waker (GZLP), res\placename\PN0\pn_01_0.bti, texture format 2 (IA4)
* Mario Kart Double Dash (GM4E), CourseName\English\BabyLuigi_name.bti, texture format 5 (RGB5A3)

* Resident Evil 4 Disc 1 (G4BE), etc\pl010a.tpl, texture 0x08, texture format 0 (I4)
* Resident Evil 4 Disc 1 (G4BE), ss\Item\cap09.tpl, texture 0x01, texture format 3 (IA8)
* Dragons Lair 3D (GDGP), banner.tpl, texture 0x00, texture format 5 (RGB5A3)
* Bust a Move 3000 (G3SE), title\TitleE.tpl, texture 0x12, texture format 6 (RGBA8)
* Bust a Move 3000 (G3SE), Attract.tpl, texture 0x06, texture format 8 (CI4), palette format 2 (RGB5A3)
* Bust a Move 3000 (G3SE), Attract.tpl, texture 0x36, texture format 9 (CI8), palette format 2 (RGB5A3)
* Resident Evil 4 Disc 1 (G4BE), ss\Cmn\f01.tpl, texture 0x04, texture format e (CMP)


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Does anyone at all where I can obtain a TPL encoder? Specifically, I need to convert a few BMPs to TPL texture formats e(CMP), and 0 (I4). If not, any new TPL programs at all would be very much appreciated.

fatalexception, still no release for your (what appears to be) rather excellent Gamecube texture utility? Being able to extract all images from uncompressed archives would be great...

classic leon

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TPLx file has been removed by RapidShare. Can anyone upload it please? Thanks

I found it.
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Complexity == Fun >:3

is there any documentation on the TPL file format?? (that works)
the link posted below doesn't work... (above for everyone else...)

I plan to write a tpl viewer for SSBM's dat files...