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I cannot access the rest of certain options menus (pic inside)


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Hello. I am trying to access the counter factor options, as players have told in Smash Bros. Kaillera that I need to set my counter factor to 1. I can't access the counter factor, as it is lower down on this menu, and I can't scroll down or make the options screen larger than this.


If this has been answered before, I only ask that you direct me where this was answered. Many thanks. The thought of playing Smash Bros. online tickles me, so.


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I have the same problem, tried reinstalling fonts, graphics drivers, and factory reset my laptop to try to get it working. No avail. Project 64 1.6 works on my desktop that is windows 10 but does not work on my laptop with almost identical specs. Here are the screenshots, tried running it in all different DPI/Resolution settings nothing works there either. Worst part is I can't configure my controller.



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is you're Windows font size configured to be something other than 100%? Have you tried running a more recent version of Project64?


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^I have the most recent version of Project64k, unfortunately. I'll try messing with fonts other than 100%. ^^Glad you fixed your controller issue, supermyle.
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