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How's UltraHLE 2064 coming along


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When I quit hanging around the emu scene this was a pretty new emulator and had a heck of a team working on it. I was just wondering how well its doing now, is it up to par with 1964 and pj64? or maybe beyond? Just interested. Thanks.


Hate to say it but i doubt it, theres only so far you can get with HLE and I think it's been reached or nearly reached with 2064


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I believe ultrahle 2064 is still alive although without news,the last i saw on a thread of mine here is that Dominator said that ultrahle was without a site and Martin offered a home to ultrahle 2064 here,but Dominator didnt say if he accepted here (maybe he said something or irc,who knows?) but beside that,no word about progress being made,this is an emu that not demands a faster pc to run the games,i hope is not the end.


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yeah,that's bad,it would be good if someone from the team give some news just to help our agony. ;)