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How to use .N64 "game save files" in PJ64?


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Hi, I downloaded some game save files at gamefaqs.com for tony hawk 3, and I don't know how to use it with PJ64. The file type is .N64

Please help, thanks


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Buy a N64 Dexdrive to use those saves on a real N64. PJ64 cannot use those as far as I know.


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errm these are basically mempak files yes? they should work with some byteswapping maybe. not sure. it should be possible to convert.


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Has anyone come with a solution to this? I don't even KNOW where to get a N64 Dex Drive, and would rather not have to.

I go to Gamefaqs.com to DL a saved game and it's in the .n64 format. Is there a way to convert these to a pj64 file.

Closest I'm guess is that these are "notes" like how N-Rage controller plugin can import or export "notes" from a MemPak


is there a place I can easily browse JS64 (or other emulator) Native Saves? (Not Save States)


Native saves are stored in the \saves folder of Project64. They are named after the game's internal name. "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" for Zelda, for example.


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And nobody even answered the poor guy's question. I wonder too. Why would Gamefaqs have save files that don't work?