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How fast is your connection?


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Martin said:

Heh, I don't get that joke. :p
Note that it is 1400KB/s (1.4MB/s), not 1400kbps. Big difference. Noone really beats that? Hmm...it's cold at the top ;)

yeh i meant kb/s, forget the /s. and i was being sarcastic, obviously ur connection kicks everyones arse....it just hurts me inside to read about ur downloading happiness, so i feel certain needs to be sarcastic. :blush:


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sk8bloke22 said:
im happy with 4.2kb, 1400kb is just cheating, wheres the fun downloading stuff so quickly? ah i bet now u dont feel so cockey.
agree with ya a slow modem is better than any thing in the world u can taste the download unless it takes a hell loads of time


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Sure mine isnt the best, but it has bragging room:

3Mbit/sec down (~375KB/sec)
256Kbit/sec up (~32-40KB/sec)

$30 a month, unlimited :p

Worse yet is they are possibly going to lower the price or increase the data rate as the local cable company has new competition in town. :cool:
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we're living in the future....looks at my smart watch, sticks in chinese knock off wireless ear phones, that would possibly explode, yep thats even faster than that.