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How do i convert Mario64 NEMU saves to Project64 ??


The Mad Wombat
I want to convert my Mario64 saves from nemu to Project64, Nemu saves a *.sav and a *.sra file, while Project64 saves a *.eep file. How can i convert these? Azimer SaveConvertion Utility doesn't support *.sav files?
I've already tried it with the DAEDALUS 0.08beta which uses the same Save Format as NEMU and supports Project64 Save States.
But everytime i load a savesate made with Daedalus in Project64, the controls don't work properly (i cannot move to left or right, when i press left or right it switches the camera mode).
Please help me


New member
i just renamed the file i had "mario.sav" to the same file name as pj64 creates - "Super Mario 64.eep" i think. Worked for me, no need to use utilities for it.