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Hey there,

Long short story, does the Elsemi AICA make the games' animations smoother then the nullAICA? It sure seems so, even tho the stats seem the same with both (VPS 60, RPS 30, 100%, etc).


Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2

GeForce 7300 GT

2 GB ram. I suppose those are more then enough to archieve fullspeed in any game?
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The sound plugin shouldn't affect the smoothness of the animations, unless one's computer starts to choke with the wrong settings or because the computer is too slow.

Use whichever sound plugin you're more comfortable with.

Rock it.

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I doubt that the computer itself is the problem, it's high above the readme's recommended settings. I've also mixed various settings, and it doesn't seem to change anything (at least not what I want to change). The emulator DOES say it's 100% and you can tell that by looking at it too (I guess), it's just somewhat choppy. I'd use Elsemi's all the time, but it seems to crash with a few games, like Skies of Arcadia. I'd like to know if someone has at least experienced or seen similar situations.