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HD Texture pack suggestions


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originally I'm starting this thread in hopes to meet someone who can retexture Battletanx 1&2 for n64 these were two of my personal favorites and i would certainly love to see them brought up to date. please limit the suggestions to games that haven't already been retextured. happy texturing!


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I'm building a self reply line full of HD Texture suggestions below will be listed games i would like to see retextured


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Each of the following games i feel would be great with HD textures... Now granted that some already have WIP mods many such as Goldeneye-X seemingly were abandoned by the authors so i still included roms such as Perfect Dark and GoldenEye

Bomberman 64
Quest 64
Turok 1 & 2
Star Wars Shadow of the Empire
Smash Brothers
Revolt RC Racing
Nightmare Creatures
Castlevania 1 & 2
Aidyn Chronicles
Body Harvest
Perfect Dark
007 The World is Not Enough
Army men Air combat
Bass Hunter 64
Extreme G 2
Gauntlet Legends
Mystical Ninja
Micro Machines 64
Hybrid Heaven
Mega Man 64
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I think this is a good idea, i'm always wanting to do games that havn't been attempted, same for games on other emulators (dolphin, ppsspp etc)


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Why aren't some of these big titles already done a 50 times over???
Goldeneye really?!
Thanks we needed this list.

Future Staff: please link complete packs to the post above.


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Goldeneye x? that's literally the only version I've got to work and if you tried it umm it's not finished you can't play through the campaign. I also stated that previously.

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A good start would be the battletanx series i would love to see them in hd i play all my games, movies and such on a projector and needless to say the N64 looks terrible blew up to 100in


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i think to smoothen up nightmare creatures with the care that was put into some of the many mario mods would bring this game up to speed i like the cell shading in moderation, many games pull it off. why not the classics too?