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H4M player found...


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...but unfortunately it's a .DOL which requires you to know how to construct a .GCM image, though it's very easy to make given you have the knowledge; all you need is the .DOL executable, your own filename.txt with only the name of the .H4M file you want to play on your real Gamecube, the .H4M file (of course), and a way to stream the .GCM to your Cube.

The one and only drawback is that you can't put/play multiple .H4M movies within a single .GCM image, also the system locks up after the movie is done playing thus forcing you to reexploit the Cube if you want to view another one. If anyone is interested, i'll post the .DOL.


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I'd be interested if it's the forum rules permit the dol to be posted (I don't know where you got it from ;-) ).


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Here it is. If this will get me in trouble or is against the rules, please remove it Mods.

Also, I came accross a BMD that doesn't work with your BMD Viewer (build date 20050925). The BMDs' in this certain title contain BTX texture images. That's about all I know about it.

I don't know if it could be of any use to you, but it would be great to see an updated version with this specific BMD type compatability some day.


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There is/was a reason no player existed

For those interested, the algorithm was Patented by Hudson Soft Co.
(US#6,714,687). It is tagged as expired due to not paying fees (before 2008).
European patent/application (#EP1,156,679) may still be in force (?)
Japanese Patent Application (# 189239/98) may still be in force (?)

However those interested in implementing should be cautious as they
have (at most with a really good reason) 2 years to pay their US fees
(and reinstate their claim).

Even if successfully reverse engineered you would be faced with the above

It would be nice to see a group like Hollywood/Microsoft/Apple license the codec
(it's far better than anything else currently available)