What's new

Gopher2600 v0.25.0 is released!

Gopher2600 is an Atari 2600 emulator. Although the performance is not as good as some other emulators, it is still suitable for playing games on a reasonably modern computer.



  • improved ARM disassembly, particularly for Thumb-2 instructions
  • implementation of FPU and instructions
  • registers window in debugger
  • COPROC STEP command forward by single ARM instruction
    • useful in conjunction with source window, local/globals window and/or registers window
    • preparatory work for ARM level quantum control


  • "byte streaming" of ROM data - leading to significant performance improvement
  • initialisation sections executed before main() function


  • notification icon for coprocessor development files
  • transparency setting
  • fixed conditions under which combinations of notifications are shown

Bug Fixes
  • fixed bad image stutter when refresh rate is inconsistent
  • crash in timeline window when scrubbing past end of rewind history
  • thumbnailing no longer causes the application to hang if the ARM emulation crashes
  • FPS measurement was broken if television was being nudged
  • "fastload" supercharger ROMs (ie. bin files) would crash debugger
  • Known Outstanding Bugs
  • rewinding of ELF ROMs when byte streaming is active sometimes produces a skewed image