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Gonetz released a Glide64 for widescreen monitors


Master of the Emulation Flame
Gonetz said:
As you know, current versions of Glide64 have problems with widescreen monitors. The wrapper allows you to select one of predefined screen resolutions, and none of them corresponds to the native resolution of widescreen display. This project is a prototype, aimed to solve this problem. KoolSmoky rewrote the wrapper, so it probes your system for all supported screen resolution, and now you may select any fullscreen resolution, supported by your video card. I modified the plugin, so if a wide resolution is selected, plugin will render in that resolution, but keep original 4:3 screen aspect; image will be centered on the screen.
The prototype is based on Glide64 WonderPlus HQ code. If this solution will satisfy you, I’ll add it to ‘Napalm’.
The package contains modified wrapper and plugin. They must be used together. This version of the wrapper will NOT work with other versions of the plugin and vice versa.
Before first run you must select fullscreen resolution for the wrapper. It uses the same registry key, as other wrappers, but its value is very different. Thus, when you will switch back to regular version, you will have to select fullscreen resolution again.
We need feedback from our users with widescreen monitors. Does it work for you? Do you like it? Which games are broken in compare with current Glide64 WonderPlus HQ version (http://www.emuxhaven.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6490)?
Come and test it, I think it would help him a lot to have some results, posted here or on EmuXHaven!